Dress Code


Smart casual dress is required in the dining rooms. Men should wear appropriate slacks, Bermuda shorts, turtlenecks, or a tucked in shirt with a collar. Women should wear skirts, slacks, sweaters, blouses, or dresses. Denim, tee shirts, tank tops, hats and mini skirts or mini-dresses or flip flops are not permitted. Children twelve years or younger are allowed to wear sneakers.


Men must wear appropriate golf attire. This includes golf slacks, Bermuda shorts that are no higher than five inches above the knee, and tucked in shirts with collars. Women may wear Bermuda shorts and golf skirts that are no higher than five inches above the knee. Collarless shirts with sleeves or sleeveless shirts with collars are permitted. Jeans, cargo shorts or pants, and swimming or tennis attire are not allowed on or around the golfing facilities. Caps must have visors facing forward.

Golf shoes with metal spikes may not be worn. Golf shoes with non-penetrating “soft-spikes” are recommended.

Members and guests are not permitted to change shoes or clothes in the Club’s parking lots.


Tennis whites are required for all players; some colored trim is allowed. Warm-up suits may have color. Men must wear a shirt with a collar. Tennis shoes must be predominantly white. Bare feet, running shoes, and rubber-soled shoes are not allowed. Swimming attire and cut-offs are prohibited.


The all-white tennis attire rule is relaxed for winter play. However, members are expected to wear neat and appropriate tennis clothing and must wear proper tennis shoes that will not damage the courts.


Attire is at the member’s discretion. Only tennis sneakers should be worn on the paddle courts; running shoes or rubber soled shoes with sharp edges are not allowed. Jeans, wind-suits, and sweat shirts/sweatpants are acceptable attire for the platform warming building. No jeans are not allowed in the Clubhouse.


Proper swim attire is required. Cover-ups are required when leaving the pool en route to your car.